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The Eyes of a Stranger: Street Portraits
Juried by Valerie Jardin, DEADLINE: April 22

Eyes of a Stranger ©Valérie Jardin

"Making a good portrait of a complete stranger is a challenge that all serious photographers must eventually face. It is an acquired skill. Its one thing to take a picture of a pedestrian or stranger on the sly, and quite another to actually make a portrait of them. We can choose to engage them or not, but each encounter should result in a positive experience for both the subject and the photographer. A moment in time.

The desired end result is a strong photograph that does reveal the brief connection that we shared.

The eyes don't lie. Nor does the camera."


Exhibit OPENS Friday, June 8th in the MPC Main Gallery


Opening March 23rd at 6pm:

Serpent In the Wilderness
Opening Friday, March 23
Main Gallery

A Photographic
Exploration of Yoga
Color photographs by Andy Richter


Manhattan Project:
Chain Reaction of Camera and Vision at 1/250 of a Second
Opening Reception March 23rd 6-10 pm

Photographs by Walter Horishnyk & Richard Ott

Almost everyone has New York City in their mind.

Real or can’t be avoided and it is primarily Manhattan we see.

The City (because no one calls Manhattan anything else) has come to be the epitome of success:
“If you can make it here; you can make it anywhere”


One of the most filmed cities in the world; The Big Apple is portrayed in movies, TV shows, commercials pushing luxury cars and diamonds, as well as adult diapers and telephones. Katz’s Deli was the scene of the world’s most infamous fake orgasm in the movie ‘When Harry Met Sally’. Katz’s make great pastrami sandwiches too; you can ask any New Yorker.

Swimming in the sea of hype, glitter, and desire, are 8 million people speaking 800 languages. A blast furnace of races, cultures, creeds and political beliefs they can fill every nook and cranny in the street. Somehow they push upward into the skyscrapers, toward the sun, and into the dinge of the subways...mostly without friction. Heading who knows where or to what purpose.




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