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Alternative Process: Photo Polymer

Class Description

This two-day workshop, limited to six students, introduces students to the photopolymer process of printing photographs, a very safe and inexpensive substitute for copperplate gravure.
Topics Covered – Day-One:
• History
• Copper plate v. Polymer - advantages and disadvantages
• Digital Positive creation
• Plate cutting
• Two part exposure method and prep needed (screen then positive)
• Etching plate in water bath, drying, and hardening
On day-one you’ll learn the method for exposing and etching the
photo-polymer plate. This will be step-by-step instruction on how to
create a digital “positive”, prepping the plate and positive for contact
exposure in the light box, and finally etching the plate in water. By the end of the first day students will have a successfully etched plate that they will work with the next day.
Topics Covered – Day-Two:
• Inking and wiping the plate
• Paper selection and preparation (soaking and blotting)
• Pulling the final print - practice and making limited editions
On day-two you’ll learn various methods of cover inking, wiping and printing the plate. Next the class will practice pulling prints for the remainder of the time. Because of the short time it takes to produce a Polymer plate, participants may be able to produce and print one additional plate on day-two.
Students will receive a handout including complete step by step instructions, supply list, suppliers and web resources to further explore the Photo-Polymer process.

Class tuition includes $35 lab fee

Topics that will be discussed and demonstrated:

  • On day-two you’ll learn various methods of cover inking, wiping and printing the plate.

Class Requirements

We suggest you bring negatives to scan, or digital files of your choice.

Class Schedule

Start Time
End Time
Saturday, March 23rd, 2013 10:00 AM 4:00 PM Digital Lab/Darkrooms
Saturday, March 30th, 2013 10:00 AM 4:00 PM Digital Lab/Darkrooms

Additional Class Information

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About the Instructor

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Dave Molnar: Dave Molnar has been passionate about the world of alternative processes since his days in college where he first discovered the platinum prints of Irving Penn.

Molnar’s old notebook is full of notations and numbers of contemporary practicioners and alternative process suppliers. In those days he never got the access to, or instruction in alternative process because no courses were offered. he desired. 12 years from that first interest in alternative process Dave Molnar’s previous college began to offer courses and was immediately hooked on the old-world beauty and elegance of image making with these alternative methods. Molnar, besides learning from some of the best practitioners, continues to learn through many hours of trial and error. The one thing he loves more than printing in these processes, is sharing his passion and knowledge with those interested in discovering the possibilities of alternative process.

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