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Composition Basics: Making Great Photographs

Class Description

In this 5-hr workshop students will learn photographic composition including; Rule of Thirds, Simplicity, Leading Lines, The Natural Frame, Contrasts, Point of View and Rhythm to name a few.

Students will look at some basic composition techniques that will dramatically improve their images. By applying one or more of these composition rules, your photos will go from looking amateurish to professional. You will also understand why some of the previous images taken work so well and why you and other people like them so much.

We concentrate on the center and edges of the frame, and pay close attention to what we are capturing in the background. Our assignments are enriched by our study of photographers who are renowned for their sense of composition and design. We examine a variety of genres, including location portraits and street photography, landscapes and cityscapes, and static and action scenes.

Students will travel to a TBD loaction, photograph and apply what they have learned, returning to the Center for editing of their images and review by the instructor and group.

Lunch will be provided. If you have any special dietairy needs, a full kitchen is available so you can bring your own meal.

Topics that will be discussed and demonstrated:

  • The Rule of Thirds
  • Working the Lines in Your Photography (how to use horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines)
  • Finding Fresh Angles to Shoot From
  • Photographing Children – Composition
  • Getting Horizons Horizontal
  • Getting Images Straight
  • Fill Your Frame
  • The Importance of Focal Points
  • Creating Active Space – Photographing Moving Subjects
  • Getting Backgrounds Right
  • Framing Your Shots
  • How to Use Converging Lines to Enhance Your Photography
  • 4 Rules of Composition for Landscape Photography
  • How to Break the ‘Rules’ of Photography

Class Requirements

Familiarity with your camera, camera settings, and basic camera functions. If you are not yet comfortable with your camera, we suggest that you take our Beginning Digital Photography class offered every month.

Digital SLR,zoom or assorted fixed lenses, memory cards and card readers.

Class Schedule

Start Time
End Time
Wednesday, June 8th, 2022 10:00 AM 3:00 PM Sociable Room

Additional Class Information

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About the Instructor

Instructor Photo

Curtis Juliber: New York City native Curtis Juliber previously worked for 16 years at Apple Computer in various sales and marketing roles, working with many Twin Cities's ad agencies and publishing organizations. He has an MBA from Minnesota State University and a BSE from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Curtis has been working with digital images since 1994 and is always investigating software technologies to enhance his digital darkroom.

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