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 Call for Entry

About the Call For Entry. JUROR: Valerie Jardin

"Meet Me Downtown" is a familiar battle cry for all of us, whether we live in Paris or Peoria, Florence or Fargo, Detroit or New Delhi. For better or worse, our downtowns usually define our cities and towns. They often become the signature icons for how others perceives us, how we think about ourselves, and certainly where visitors flock to, and decide for themselves.

Our downtowns are literally our city centers. Our civic heartbeats. And they harbor our defining brand places and moments.  Downtown translates to "le Centre Ville" in French, and for good reason; its usually where the action is. The good, the bad, and the ugly.  Great food, music, the sights, the nights, the lights. Oh the humanity...and the architecture. So it IS where we meet, because its easy to find, and we can depend on some excitement.

For photographers, there are few richer targets than Downtown. Sure, there's Uptown too, but THEN we're in a metropolis, and of course THAT is fair game for this competition as well. Which is another way of saying, DOWNTOWN is a frame of mind. Be it the Bowery, or the Wharf, or Montmartre, or Chelsea. We're not keeping score, nor will we ask for GPS coordinates.

Show us that hustle-bustle stew of simmering life, and sights, and smells, and head-buzzing reflections at busy intersections!

Valerie Jardin

$35 Total for your first four (4) Submissions.  
Additional images are $10 each. Limit 8 Total from Each Artist.
Call Opens March 31st and Closes May 2, 2016

Opening Reception: June 10th, 6:30 p.m. Thru August 26th.

Enter The Call: Meet Me Downtown

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