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Current Exhibit

Photo: Amy Evansl - Califon, NJ

On Exhibit thru September 6

A Note from Juror Jim Brandenburg: Something happened while spending much time with the photographs that were submitted to this Patterns of Nature call. I became attached and emotional to the images, all of them – the good frames and otherwise. I’m not afraid to share that feeling with you. Having spent most of my life on the business end of the camera I empathize with each photographer’s lonely journey from the quest for that image through the moment they submit. I know the feeling well.

It’s never been easy for me, both to submit my photographs to competitions and to jury them. I can’t remember the last time I entered an image to be judged. I’ve been fortunate when I did, rewarded indeed. But it still was not enough of a reason for me to do it again. It may be 20 years or more since I sent off a transparen- cy duplicate. So I admire and honor that delicate process of putting a portion of ones soul out there to be judged. I have juried many international competitions in many countries this past five years. I always seem to put myself in the place of the photographer, almost seems like channeling at times. I live and love the process to that degree.

Juror Jim Brandenburg has traveled the globe as a photographer with National Geographic magazine for over three decades. Over the course of his long career, Jim Brandenburg has received a multitude of prestigious national and international honors for his work. The National Press Photog- raphers Association (NPPA) twice named him Magazine Photogra- pher of the Year for his National Geographic magazine work. He was named Kodak Wildlife Photographer of the Year by BBC Wildlife Magazine and the Natural History Museum–London, and countless more.

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