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Photo: Issac Gale, Minneapolis, MN

Juror David E. Little Statement: There were over 900 images submitted to this competition, “The Portrait,” that sought to meet the challenge to “make a portrait that is uniquely of our time, a time when photographic portraits and selfies are produced in unprecedented quantities.” All entrants addressed this challenge with great passion and imagination.  The submissions portrayed people of varied identities, nationalities and ages.  Some depicted people in native dress, from Twins t-shirts to bright blue Amish shirts.  Others showed people straight-on, masquerading, or caught in a moment before a conscious pose.
The winners include a double portrait of child and her great grandmother; each is distinctly individual and yet linked generationally through a watchful, loving gaze.  In another double portrait, a couple’s identities are communicated through the pattern of plaid and the texture of lace.  And a third picture reminds us that a portrait doesn’t have to be dramatic or deeply felt.   It can communicate the expression of momentary, everyday grumpiness.
The eminent British photographer Bill Brandt once noted that “A good portrait ought to tell something of a subject’s past and suggest something of his [or her] past.”  What a lofty task for a photographer with a camera.  No matter how one defines portraiture, Brandt points to a key premise: effective portraiture must communicate beyond the human subject pictured.  It must say more than is simply seen, and something unique of its time.   These portraits move toward this formidable goal.
Juror – David E.Little , July 2015



Photo: Shelly Mosman

On Exhibit September 18 thru November 1
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