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Current Exhibit

Panoramic Photos by Rich Frishman

On Exhibit March 13th thru May 4th, 2015

Iowa State Fairgrounds; Des Moines, Iowa June 12, 2014 - Photo: Rich Frishman

Corn Palace; Mitchell, South Dakota, August 2012 - Photo: Rich Frishman

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, Sturgis, South Dakota August 2005 - Photo: Rich Frishman

RV'S Along Route 66, Oatman, Arizona, May  2014 - Photo: Rich Frishman

In American Splendor, Rich Frishman engages in exploring the pre-apocalyptic vernacular landscape of the United States. He imagined himself an archaeologist documenting the future remains of a lost civilization, filled with remnants of the sublime and mundane. There is a curious beauty to the commonplace, a heightened sense of grandeur at the intersection of the natural and the human landscape.
Frishman’s work explores the passage of time, the curvature of space, the curious choices we make, the humor and pathos of life. He loves cramming minute detail into his constructed photographic images, to make them immersive and engaging, because that is how he experiences life. These images generally appear to be single moments, perhaps a thousandth of a second in duration. They are not.
Reality is more complex than a single moment can reveal. We each create our own personal tapestries of memory by assembling a myriad of individual threads: the smell of a French fries, the sound of conversation, the sight of dappled colors, the taste of ice cream, the feel of the warm sun. Similarly, he creates his images from many discrete photographs, weaving them together to form a single image. The complexity of these composites is not always obvious.
On closer scrutiny, what first seems to be a straightforward scene reveals a curious bending of reality. People and objects pop up several times across the picture, hinting at the passage of time and the artificiality of the image. Shadows and perspective may be subtly twisted, while the extreme resolution of details defies the limits of conventional photography.
Each of this body of panoramic images is constructed of between dozens and hundreds of photographs. Some are shot over an afternoon. Some are shot over months and years.

Seattle photographer Rich Frishman travels the world shooting photography assignments for over 100 magazines, corporations and non-profits. Frishman's portrait photography has appeared on the cover of hundreds of magazines and annual reports, his landscape photography is in galleries, museums and private collections worldwide, and his photoessays have been nominated for the Pulitzer Prize.

Rich Frishman’s photography is regularly featured in numerous national and international magazines and annual reports. His fine art photography is included in a wide range of private and institutional collections, including the Smithsonian Institution and the Amon Carter Museum of American Art. His commercial clients range from Anadarko Petroleum to Zurich Financial and include National Geographic and Sports Illustrated.

Frishman specializes in sweeping vernacular landscapes, illustrative photomosaic collages, and compelling photo essays. His work is recognized for its technical mastery and unique combination of compassion and humor. A photographic storyteller, Rich has garnered dozens of prestigious national awards over the past 30 years. He was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize in 1983. Since then his art has appeared on the covers of LIFE, Time, Sports Illustrated, and many international magazines.

In 2013 his panoramic landscape “Imperial Sand Dunes,” composed of over 200 separate images, received first prize in the Kellicutt International Exhibition, an international photographic competition. It is on permanent display in Palm Springs, California.

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