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Black & White Juror Results

The Mpls Photo Center is pleased to announce the juror's selection for "Black & Whte" Call for Entry, juried by Paul Berlanga.  Congratulations to all the photographers whose images were selected for this exhibit, we are looking forward to working with you.

  • First

Edward Neaton 
Mahtomedi, Minnesota

Lady Calling Larry

  • Second
Donna Pinckley
Little Rock, Arkansas

  • Third Place

John MacKenzie
Alameda, California

Italian Framer

  • Honorable Mention

Jeremy Ackman
Quincy, Massachusetts

No Passing Through

  • Honorable Mention

Nancy A. Johnson
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Powerscourt Garden-Dublin

  • Honorable Mention
Tim McDonough
St. Paul, Minnesota





Juror Paul Berlanga - July 8, 2014 - Black & White Juror Statement

First, I’d like to commend any and all of you who made the effort.

Out of 1220 plus images, there were 72 to be chosen.  Emphasis in selection inevitably fell on quality of design, (regardless of whether works were abstract or classically representational), tonal range (which can be quite deceiving when viewed only online) and the extent to which this viewer was engaged by the subject matter, be it a woman in pain, a rushing stream or a looming edifice.  

I need to apologize to those of you who are outstanding printers and take great care with paper stock and process.  You are at a bit of a disadvantage here, as the pixeled screen sometimes plays down those fine distinctions best discerned by the naked eye, while offering an enhanced sense of lesser efforts.  Would that it were possible to have viewed everything in hand.  Do not let connoisseurship go away.  The image is never complete without its physical manifestation in paper, precious metals or inks. 

That said, I made selections based on what looked to be the most successful and engaging examples of works in various categories.  Each print was considered a number of times.  I looked for pieces that felt complete.  There were a couple of challenging images that were not chosen because, while the concept was refreshing, the execution came across as completely secondary.  Much attention has been given to the “conceptual” in photography, often to the detriment of craft.  Other entries were passed over despite fine execution if I felt the artists had been too influenced by their mentors and heroes.  I found many works of quality beyond the 72, but these events, being what they are, have physical limits.
So thank you all and remember that the most important thing, if you are determined to create a career as an artist, is to pursue your art, day in and day out.  Just do the work.  Otherwise you run the risk of becoming a gallery director.  


Juror, Paul Berlanga

In 1997, Berlanga became Director of the Stephen Daiter Gallery, Chicago.   The gallery offers a range of work but specializes in vintage photographs, with an emphasis on modernist experimental and social documentary subject matter.  As director he chose artists to represent and curated exhibitions.  He has written and edited texts for gallery catalogues and related publications, his favorite of which was the   2008 PowerHouse monograph Wayne Miller Photographs 1942-1958.  Berlanga subsequently lectured at the Tweed Museum, in Duluth with Miller’s career as his subject.

Since 2011 Berlanga has been engaged with his own venture, Berlanga Fine Art & Photographs, which offers examples of interesting and beautiful photography , as well as other works on paper, and special books.  Berlanga also represents a select group of classic and emerging photographers, and recently added the works of Vivian Maier to his inventory.  He has written for outside publications, such as the article on Sandro Miller’s “Atropa Black,”in the spring 2012 issue of the Amsterdam-based Eyemazing Magazine.   That same year Berlanga spent a week in Havana, Cuba on independent assignment as general editor of a forthcoming book on a collection of contemporary Cuban photography; his duties included advising on acquisitions.  In June of 2012 he moderated an on-stage discussion between two accomplished photographers, the Spaniard Jordi Socias, and the American Stephen Schapiro, at the Instituto Cervantes in Chicago.  

The last year has seen Berlanga busy dividing his time between Berlanga Fine Art and the Stephen Daiter Gallery.  During the last year he has exhibited at photographic shows in Los Angeles, Washington D.C. and Pittsburgh.

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