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2017-18 FStop Group

Next F-Stop Meeting

Wednesday, June 20 at 6:30 p.m.

Photo by Dorothy Childers

The F•Stop Group is a community of photographers that meet on a monthly basis, September through June, and are dedicated to critiquing and supporting each other's work. The mission of the F•Stop Group is to promote aesthetic and technical growth in each person's photography. Tom Arndt hosts the group and Sally Mars will co-host. 

Starting with its new season Mpls Photo Center will continue that support for the F•Stop Group, sponsoring and hosting the meetings at the Mpls Photo Center the third Wednesday of every month at 6:30 p.m., except for the months of July and August.  (Dates may change around holidays, so check back here)

To avoid confusion, we will be begin compiling a monthly exhibitor list and
will publish the list on the MPC website as we go, so you can see who is coming up 
and if there are available spots.  All spots are on a first come basis so send an email with
the date you want to share your work to: Dan at

Tom and Sally

Join the Group
Anyone can join the group. If you choose to attend one of the meetings, the cost is $10 per meeting, and goes toward special guest speakers, physical space to facilitate the meeting, snacks and beverages. You may sign up by emailing

Meetings Start at 6:30pm and run until 9:00pm

Meeting Dates and Portfolios for 2017/2018 Season 

October 18th
Dan Tran
2. Mike Fuerst
3. Sarah Weiss
4. Paul Matzner

November 15th
1. Inna Valin
2. Mathias Sweet

3. Bill Rodman

December 20th
1. Keith Miesel

January 17th
1. Martha Driessen

Feburary 21st
1. Dick Anderson

March 21st
1. Larry Morrisette
2. Dan Tran
4. David Thompson

April 18th
1. Keith Miesel
3. Robi Chakraborty
4. Michael Matherne

May 16th
1. Bob Berg
2. Larry Risser
3. Manny Castillo
4. Bill Cameron

June 20th
1. Tim Harincar
2. Bouky Labhard
3. Regina Flanagan
4. Jeff Harrington

Group benefits include:
Peer review and critique

At each monthly meeting, three presenters show their work. The work must be made in the last year and each presenter may show only once per year. The work should be shown in print form, and in print color or black and white. Critiques last approximately 15 minutes. The presentation begins by the presenter introduce themselves and shares a bit of information about the work. We ask that you keep it brief so there is ample opportunity for conversation. Tom Arndt provides his insight into the work and is part of the critique process. All F•Stop members are asked to respect each other in the critique process by offering ideas that help better realize the photographer's intent. Not all FStop members are at the same level of accomplishment, but everyone can benefit from thoughtful comments. This idea creates an atmosphere that is different from meeting to meeting.

If you would like to show your work at the next  meeting, you may sign up by emailing, please tell us the date you would like. Please bring prints.

Along with critique, there may be guest speakers or videos as part of the meeting. The heart and soul of The F•Stop Group is community. For more information on the F•Stop group or to join, please email:


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