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About MPC Darkrooms

Mpls Photo Center is dedicated to preserving traditional photographic processes as well as facilitating innovation among our members via alternative processes and combined application of digital and darkroom technologies in our two spacious darkrooms and Digital Lab. Here our members not only discover (or re-discover) the magic of the darkroom through our many classes and workshops, but also develop and print their own work.

Darkroom Policy: The darkrooms have tanks, reels, washers, trays and print easels and feature eight enlargers, from 35mm to 4x5, as well as extra large sinks capable of developing prints. You are responsible for your own film and print chemicals including; developer, stop, fix, hypo cleaner, or whatever darkroom chemistry you use. We suggest you purchase Sprint Film and Print darkroom chemicals in a concentrated liter bottle. You can dilute it to how much you need and it will last longer that way. West Photo, Northeast Minneapolis, and National Camera, Golden Valley both carry these products.

Click here to view our Darkrooms Lab Policies & Procedures.

For a map of all the studio bays and the location of the darkroom, click here.

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