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MPC Group Member's Call for Entry



Photo: Tom Arndt

Tom Arndt;
"The Webster Dictionary defines the word “chronicle” as a historical account of events, typically without analysis or interpretation.  Some synonyms of chronicle include:  Narrative, record, document, report.  There are famous newspapers that use Chronicle on their masthead, the iconic San Francisco Chronicle one example.

This year we are going to spend time photographing our world; a chronicle of our lives that will become a permanent record of that which we want remembered in our annual F-Stop exhibition and catalog.   

This kind of photographic recording This kind of photographic recording – the basis for this year’s exhibition and catalog -  is a way of building a narrative account of what we encounter during our summer days.  Indeed, this is a very open ended topic.  The important thingto remember is that we are building a lasting, narrative chronicle that is ultimately not just for this show, or this year, but for ourselves and for others decades from now."

Photo: Sally Mars

Sally Mars;
"Art is the language we use to speak to those of the future about the experience of living today, just as those who lived long ago speak to us today through their work, reminding all of us of our common humanity.  This is our voice.  This is our link across time, across cultures.  This is our chronicle.

Our present becomes our past so quickly.  Who or what we photograph should be considered timeless, and important to us.  We will use all of our visual tools – light, form, environment, composition -  to reveal the feelings we want remembered.  Photography is unique in its ability to clarify our experience.  Our photographs chronicle the past and present for the future.

We know that you will find significant and profound moments, unique every day encounters, the expressions of humanity, community, ourselves and our world that will define our "F-Stop Chronicle" materials, and voice."

Cost for Entry: $25 for three images
Submitting Your Entries: Submit MPC Online  Tool, Smarter Entry (
Image Requirements: sRGB or RGB color space (standard); 72 ppi resolution; flatten layers 8 bit; 1280 pixels on the longest side; JPG format, compression level 8 (medium).
Call for Entry Close: August 29th, 2015
Jurors: Tom Arndt & Sally Mars
Juror Results: September 8th, 2015
Exhibit Dates: November 13th, 2015 thru January 4th, 2016
Opening Reception: Friday, November 13th, 2015
Accepted Images: Every FStop Member will have one image selected and exhibited throughout the Mpls Photo Center Galleries and published in a full-color exhibit book for purchase at $39.95.

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