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Upcoming Exhibits

at The State Fair

OPENING Tonight September 20!

6:30 to 9:00 PM

-thru October 18

This special Call for Entry Exhibition was open FREE of CHARGE to artists who submitted photographs to the MN State Fair Fine Arts Competition and were NOT ACCEPTED

So you were NOT ACCEPTED!


This tongue-in-cheek photography exhibit is open ONLY for the dedicated artists and photographers that agonize over and prepare their BEST photograph each year for the MN State Fair Art Competition and for one reason or another just don't get accepted.


They've been NOT ACCEPTED once again. And it hurts! Only to then visit the final exhibit at the fairgrounds and having to face the ones that got in. There's very little objective criteria, and its just hard to know what to submit. We see some of our friends' and fellow photographers there, but not our own. Well this is our chance to take another swing, a "do-over", to celebrate some of the excellent photographs that did not quite make it, at the Mpls Photo Center at our new galleries in NordEast Minneapolis.


Each photographer whose most-excellent photographs (but not quite good enough, apparently, for some unknown reason) that are eventually displayed were NOT ACCEPTED by the Judge for the Mn State Fair competition in 2019.


We will feature this slightly sub-par work (just kidding) here in our new galleries, toast each other with a cold one or four, chomp hor's dourves, and party like its 2019 damn it!


The Mpls Photo Center had a wonderful time hosting a controversial collection of "pretty good" pictures that were rejected from the State Fair in 2017, and we're thrilled to try it again. We're excited to host you here in our 11th year serving the community, and debut our brand-new facility, classrooms, galleries, studios and darkrooms if you have not visited already!


The NOT ACCEPTED Photography Show is a community-based exhibit, FREE of Charge, providing each of you another chance to show your fine photographs in a formal gallery setting. We DO value and support the State Fair photography competition each year, but ARE NOT affiliated with it in any manner.


We loved hosting this cool event before, and really appreciate the photographers and camaraderie and we love another great excuse to show excellent photographs here at the Mpls Photo Center!


You've done all the hard work already making and selecting and editing and submitting your photograph to The Fair.  Give this Photography Show a go and breathe some new life into it. Afterall, photography is supposed to be fun, and people need to see it!


Thanks for participating and best wishes,


Jeff Harrington, Executive Director


Mpls Photo Center





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