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Message from Sally
Hello fine fellows of the Photo Union League!  I hope you are enjoying your summer.  I’ve been remiss is posting our summer assignment, though I’ve small doubt you have a sense of it in any per what is now tradition, our Summer assignment asks for images of Fairs (or the more general Summer Celebrations for those who quite specifically have an aversion to attending a county or state fair this season).  Community and County Fairs, and perhaps our State Fair in particular, are heavily photographed subjects – for me, the very mention of these themes conjures some array of expected (if charming) imagery.  However, this assignment is not about describing what a Fair is, or documenting its generalities.  Quite the contrary – our goal for this assignment is to find “our” photos within the context of this single, well-known type of event.  To this, I ask you to create images that express your particular photographic voice, both in terms of execution, and subject.  Landscape shooters should seek out landscapes; still life shooters still life imagery; nature photographers nature, portrait photographers portraits.  Those who are driven by shadows and reflections should work to find them in this setting; those driven by light should hunt it down; those who shoot humor, animals, sports, patterns and textures, architecture...each of us is prescribed the duty of finding and creating images that reflect not so much the setting necessarily, but our own, individual artistic voice.  My hope is to see a collection of the unseen, or under-seen aspects of the fair; to see a diverse selection of images that might startle and surprise those who believe they know what fair pictures look like, or even what the fair itself is.  I anticipate a range of images – from ones rooted in the setting to ones that seemingly negate the setting entirely.  Subjects that could be considered cliché expressions of a fair – rides, livestock, judging – are of course welcome.  The key with these is to exercise your own visual signature in documenting them – because you do have a signature, and all of us in our group recognize and appreciate it.  A single subject we each in turn make our very own – this our assignment for Summer.  

I liked the idea of a “field trip” to the Steele County or State Fair, as schedules may allow.  Let’s keep in touch about this as we get closer to them.  In fact, let’s keep in touch most generally.  For me, Summer is a distracting time of year.  And yet you are in mind.  

My thanks to each of you for your creativity, generosity, vulnerability and beautiful work.

Sally Mars    


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Sally Mars: Sally Mars is Producer of Photography, Broadcast and Film for Photographers and Directors. She also consults as a Project Manager, Creative Director and Marketing Consultant in print and broadcast for select clients including; Prada, Coca Cola, Volvo, Target, Mercedes, Union Pacific, Microsoft, AT&T, Cessna, Fox Sports, Nike, Champion and Reebok. Her agency clients include; Bailey Lauerman, Carmichael Lynch, Clarity Coverdale Fury, Goodby Silverstein, Campbell Mithun Esty, BBDO, GSD&M, Olson, Martin Williams, and Fallon International.

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