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Next Photo Union Meeting Tuesday, September 13 @ 6:30

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Note all meetings are on Tuesdays 6:30 - 9:00

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Tuesday, September 13 
Tuesday, October 11 
Tuesday, November 8

Message & Assignment from Sally

Hello Photo Union League – the committed, the occasional, and the curious!  

A thanks to those who shared their glorious work with us in June.  The diversity of work, and the individuality of your voice, served as a joy and inspiration to us all.  

Your’s not just aural.  It’s reflected much more broadly - in your choice of words, your handwriting, your passions, your carriage, your personal style.  And significantly, it’s reflected in your art – your eye, what you point your camera at and what you see there, your choice of camera itself – lensing, exposure, depth of field.  There is your editorial process, what appeals to you once capture an image, what you accept in a given frame and what you reject, and most importantly, what you feel, what moves you, and the emotional language you put forth in your work and the response you elicit – consciously, or incidentally -  from a viewer, yourself included (and perhaps most importantly).  

Through your work – and through our sessions – your voice has become more honed.  It may or may not cross subject or other more concrete parameters.  It may shout; other times, it may whisper.  Each of us in Photo Union recognize your photographic voice as yours, your very own.  

The initial part of our assignment for September asks you to consider your unique photographic voice.  What is it that makes your work yours?  What do you perceive as attributes of your personal visual signature?  I realize that you may well not be conscious of those qualities that define your work as your own, and I also realize that over analysis of same isn’t necessarily constructive.  So please partake in this portion of the assignment to the specific degree that you are comfortable doing so.  I will offer up two cliches for you to work with in this exercise:  “Know thyself”, and “Dance like no one’s watching.”  Find your own balance! 

And now for the execution portion:  Summer.  Summer means different things to each of us, and offers a limitless array of opportunities for making images.  Using Summer as a subject, or merely as a backdrop, I ask you to create and explore in your signature style.  

In past years, I’ve asked for Fair images specifically.  The Fair is rich and viable, and I’d love to see images created there if that is the work (or part of the work) you choose to present.  But this incarnation of our summer assignment does not mandate a Fair or other gathering-type experience.  While viewing the diverse images you have collectively created in response to our specific Fair assignment has been historically so joyful, consider yourself fully permitted to explore the particular subject matter (or collection thereof) that allows your voice to sing.  

Photo Union and F-Stop will not be having a dedicated exhibition this fall, so there is no need to consider an audience at large with this body of work, nor to consider the jurying process.  Enjoy your summer, your camera, and your freedom!  

Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions, or to say hello!  Please feel free to share work on our facebook page this summer, and I’ll let you know – as you can me – of any summer photo outings or exhibition opportunities as well.  

Thanks everyone for the generosity of your creations.  Looking forward to seeing you September.

Yours truly,

Sally Mars

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Sally Mars: Sally Mars is Producer of Photography, Broadcast and Film for Photographers and Directors. She also consults as a Project Manager, Creative Director and Marketing Consultant in print and broadcast for select clients including; Prada, Coca Cola, Volvo, Target, Mercedes, Union Pacific, Microsoft, AT&T, Cessna, Fox Sports, Nike, Champion and Reebok. Her agency clients include; Bailey Lauerman, Carmichael Lynch, Clarity Coverdale Fury, Goodby Silverstein, Campbell Mithun Esty, BBDO, GSD&M, Olson, Martin Williams, and Fallon International.

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