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Next Photo Union Meeting Tuesday, December 8th @ 6:30

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Message & Assignment from Sally
Bonjour a tous les gens de l’Union Photo.  

Thank you for an especially moving evening spent viewing and discussing your work regarding Edges.  We saw work that was witty, graphic, active, peaceful, personal.  Your additions to our discussions were generous and wise.  Welcome to our newest attendees, and thank you, thank you everyone.  

For November, we’ll be exploring themes of Sustenance.  Sustenance is a word most typically associated with food – quite literally, that which is necessary for the continuation of life.  But it is more; Sustenance is nourishment.  And while food is a valid subject with which to respond to this assignment, I welcome explorations as well that touch on the broadest ideas of that which nourishes us; that which keeps us going.  For some, Sustenance may conjure images of family; of love.  For others, it may manifest in ideas of home, or nature, or contemplative time.  Likely, it is all of these, each of these in turn.  But for this assignment, I’d enjoy seeing you as an artist honing in on that aspect of nourishment which is personal to you; that which keeps you - creatively, spiritually, physically – supported, alive, and continually living, this in the broadest sense.  

November will inherently provide specific opportunities for our explorations.  Most of us will experience hearty tables and meaningful gatherings.  For many of us, this is our fuel.  For just as many, I anticipate quiet time and reflection is what, in the moment, feels most necessary to sustain us.  

Remember, there are never any right or wrong answers.  There are no greater or lesser responses.  As photographers, we are constantly triangulating our environment, our mood and our hopes in any given moment to create images which convey some measure of each of these attributes.  Show us what you think, what you see and what you feel; capture a moment, knowing what you think, see or feel is unique to it.  That uniqueness is not only specific to time; it is specific to your experience of time as well.  In sharing it, if you choose to, you are in some way connecting us all.  

Wishing you a wonderful holiday, and looking forward to seeing you come December.  


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Sally Mars: Sally Mars is Producer of Photography, Broadcast and Film for Photographers and Directors. She also consults as a Project Manager, Creative Director and Marketing Consultant in print and broadcast for select clients including; Prada, Coca Cola, Volvo, Target, Mercedes, Union Pacific, Microsoft, AT&T, Cessna, Fox Sports, Nike, Champion and Reebok. Her agency clients include; Bailey Lauerman, Carmichael Lynch, Clarity Coverdale Fury, Goodby Silverstein, Campbell Mithun Esty, BBDO, GSD&M, Olson, Martin Williams, and Fallon International.

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