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Assignment is Posted Below

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Assignment for March

Hola Unionians, 

Your response to our Black and White assignment was purely breathtaking!  The impact of monochrome seeing in your work had a profound effect on your compositions, as well as the emotional language of your work.  I can only hope that creating work in this manner was as satisfying to you in making it as it was to me in viewing it.  What a fabulous night, thank you!  

Our March assignment focuses on still life, though not necessarily in its most typical sense, or at least not limited to it.  “Still Life:  The Inanimate Object” can well be seen as something more broad:  A composition based on something absent of life - or absent of liveliness - rather than a formal arrangement of objects specifically (though such an exploration is acceptable).    

The artist Joel-Peter Witkin, whose work often features human corpses in beautiful, old-work compositions is questioned about the often morbid-seeming nature of his work; we see body parts set amongst fruits and flowers, a lifeless body posed on a theater stage.  Witkin seems himself nearly puzzled by such questions.  He responds, “My work is tribute to a vessel where a soul used to live.”  

If we think of a subject – an inanimate subject – in this manner, we might seek to share its “soul”.  An object can trigger memory, or wonder, or delight.  Its value, beauty, history or story might be completely overlooked were it not for an artist leading us to it.  An inanimate object can be anything – flora, fauna, mineral.  But don’t just think of the object...think about its qualities, whether they be purely aesthetic ones such as form and texture, or more ethereal ones, like childhood recollections, love, awe or grief.  Consider the world beyond the object – the interaction of light, other objects or humanity with it.  Survey your tools – composition, value, saturation, hue, contrast, light – to take a vessel, and let us see its soul.

I fully expect to that the response to this assignment might range from mountains to dentures.  There is no right or wrong approach, or result.  As artists we seek truth, while fully acknowledging that truth appears different to each of us.  This assignment asks that we explore ours, under the tines and protection of this broad Still Life umbrella.   

If you find this assignment confusing, keep it simple!  Again, a more conventional approach to Still Life is welcome, and you have the skills to make something personal and significant within these parameters.  Yet I would love to see your response to the idea of the soul - or core, or purpose or meaning or legacy – of some object (or collection of them) - thereby animating the inanimate with an unveiling or infusion of mystery, affection and passion.  

Happy creating.  Feel free to contact me with questions.

Sally Mars

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Sally Mars: Sally Mars is Producer of Photography, Broadcast and Film for Photographers and Directors. She also consults as a Project Manager, Creative Director and Marketing Consultant in print and broadcast for select clients including; Prada, Coca Cola, Volvo, Target, Mercedes, Union Pacific, Microsoft, AT&T, Cessna, Fox Sports, Nike, Champion and Reebok. Her agency clients include; Bailey Lauerman, Carmichael Lynch, Clarity Coverdale Fury, Goodby Silverstein, Campbell Mithun Esty, BBDO, GSD&M, Olson, Martin Williams, and Fallon International.

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