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Frequently Asked Questions


When do I pay for my studio time?

You pay for the studio time at the time of booking. We do this to protect those serious about studio space from those who just are thinking about the space, and not allowing those needing it the time.

What is the cancellation policy?

You may cancel or modify your reservations up to 48 hours before your reserved time. After reaching 48 hours before your reservation the payment is not refundable.

What if I change my mind and need a different time than the one I have chosen?

You may sign into your account and make changes (add time, subtract time, change date, cancel) as long as it is 48 hours before your reserved time. Less than 48 hours before your reserved time is subject to the cancellation policy. The ability to make changes is subject to studio availability.

How do I get a refund for studio space if i cancel in 48 hours?

Please contact us for further information.

How much time is given to load and break down?

You will have only your scheduled block of time to set up and break down your equipment, so plan your scheduled time accordingly. There may be another booking following yours, so to accommodate everyone’s needs please be courteous and stay on schedule.

Can I book multiple spaces to use?

Reserved studio time is limited to only one bay at a time unless otherwise reserved and charged at the regular per hour per studio bay rate. Members who reserve just one space must restrict shooting to that reserved and assigned bay(s).

Can I use props, and other furniture that are in the studio?

You are welcome to use or move any of the furniture that is around the studio as long as you don't inconvenience other members who may be using the lounge or kitchen. Please do not drag anything across the floor as it scratches the floor. We expect that you will return any items to where you originally found them.

How do I get privacy when shooting in the studios with other members?

We provide large V-Flats in both black and white. The V-Flats can be configured around your space creating privacy for your photo session.

Where are the V–Flats?

There are V- Flats in the studio for your use. They are behind the metal mesh panels and clearly marked.

Do you have dressing rooms?

We have a private bathroom that may be used for changing. It is easiest to set up a changing/dressing area in your assigned space with the V-Flats. Be sure not to inconvenience other members by leaving clothes and makeup around areas other then the space you have reserved.

What happens if there is a conflict with another member's session?

We are constantly looking at the schedule to make sure there are no conflicts, but should one unfortunately happen, someone is on site during all hours to handle the situation.

Is there any friendly advice you can give?

This is a place for all of us, so let's be professional and respectful of one another.

Membership FAQ's

I want to become a member, how do I join?

Apply directly using our secure online membership application

How do I determine what kind of membership I should get?

Please see our membership benefits section.

When I send in my membership application , how long will it be until I receive my membership card?

Membership cards are sent out within 3 business days of application. If you do not receive your membership card within 10 days of joining, please contact us.

Would it be okay if I taught my own class at the Mpls Photo Center?

Mpls Photo Center has an education and workshop program, and does not let others teach on their own outside of the Center. If you have an idea for a class you like to teach in collaboration with the Mpls Photo Center please contact us.

What are the conditions of membership?

The term of Center Members is 12 months and six months from the date you register for Photo Center members. Your recurring charge for membership will automatically be drawn upon each month until we get a written confirmation of a change or cancelation.

How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership with 30 days or more notice with emailing your request to We will confirm your request via email within 48 hours.

Digital Lab – FAQs

How do I reserve a printer or scanner in the digital lab?

Please go to the MPC Reservation Page.

I didn't eat lunch, is it ok to eat in the digital lab?

Please no food or drink while working in the digital lab. Feel free to use the lounge or kitchen. Water and coffee are available free to members.

Can I leave my information on the desktop for the next day?

Please bring an external memory source, as we will delete any information left on the desktop.

I don't know how to use the printers or scan, is someone always available to help, or show me how to use the equipment?

Someone is always here to answer any questions, but might not have the time to walk you through all the ins and outs of the equipment. We strongly urge you to set up a one on one with a digital lab tech to learn the correct way to use the equipment. This is not a free service, but the introduction to the lab will alleviate any frustration you might run into, and insure that the lab equipment is used properly. For more information or to set up an introduction to the Digital lab, please contact us and make the subject line "Introduction to the Digital Lab."

What if I, or someone I am with, have a handicap or disability that won't allow normal access?

Mpls Photo Center makes every effort to comply with ADA accessibility requirements so persons with disabilities may fully participate in our programs and events. If you require assistance of any kind, please contact us at 612.643.3511 and we will accommodate your needs.

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