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B&W Darkroom Policies & Procedures


Darkroom Reservations

Be courteous to other members. Remember that the darkroom is available on a reservation basis. We suggest you reserve a Darkroom space by using the Reservations page to insure one of the four spots available. Your Photo Center member benefits allow unlimited use of the darkrooms.


The darkrooms have tanks, reels, washers, trays and print easels and feature eight enlargers, from 35mm to 4x5, as well as extra large sinks capable of developing prints. You are responsible for your own film and print developer darkroom chemistry. We suggest you purchase Sprint Film and Print developers in a concentrated liter bottle. You can dilute it to how much you need and it will last longer that way. As a benefit, West Photo, 21 University Avenue Northeast Minneapolis, MN 55413 (612) 379-2321, offers our members a 10% discount on darkroom chemicals and 5% on photo paper. We still offer free, stop and fix.


The Center does not have photographic paper so you will need to bring your own. Keep in mind that the film changing room is available for loading film . Consider other members when you are sharing the darkroom. Coordinate the darkroom lighting and be aware of your position in a darkened room.

Entering Darkrooms

Enter the print darkroom through the light-safe revolving doors. If the lights are out loudly announce your presence and do not turn on the lights until you are sure there are no members working in light-safe conditions. Please utilize the occupancy sign for the film changing room, and knock if the door is closed.

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