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Pop-Up Exhibits


What is a “Pop-Up” Exhibit?
The concept of the “Pop-Up” Exhibit was developed in the 1990s, The Pop-Up Exhibit is a short term photography installation in a temporary gallery space. These “Pop-Up” exhibits have found increasing favor among more progressive galleries, like the Mpls Photo Center, as a means for a greater number of our community photographers to have the opportunity to have solo-exhibitions in a professional gallery setting.

Where would my “Pop-Up” exhibit be held?
“Pop-Up” exhibits at the Mpls Photo Center are held in it’s 4,800 sq ft Photo Coop Studio with temporary hanging gallery walls.

How many pieces could I exhibit?
Each of the 8 gallery walls is 6 ft. high and 6 ft. wide. Depending on their size, the gallery can accomodate anywhere from 30 to 40 photographs. The “Pop-Up” gallery is configured throughout the studio and lit by enough tungsten halogen spot lights to see the detail in each and every print.

What is the charge for a “Pop-Up” exhibit?
A “Pop-Up” exhibit costs $1200 per day. The $1200 includes the install, painting and take-down of the gallery walls. It does not include hanging any prints. We do offer a hanging service for $100 per hr. in addition to the $1200. We also can print your title labels for another $100.

How long is a “Pop-Up Exhibit?
“Pop-Up” exhibits last one day. You have all day to install your exhibit, but it must come down at the evenings end. In some cases arrangements can be made, depending on our schedule, to extend the exhibit at an additional charge of $800 per day.

Can I arrange a group show?
Yes. Group shows are a cost effective way to get yours and like minded work exhibited. You can divide the hanging space to accommodate however many photographers you wish to include in the exhibit.

How many guests would the space accomodate?
We hold our scheduled exhibit receptions in the Photo Coop Studio. While many guests walk throughout our galleries, we have at any given time, 150 to 200 people eating, drinking and conversing together.

Who provides the food, beverages and music?
Food, beverages and music are your responsibility. We have tables and high tops you can use for food and beverages. We have a full kitchen for food prep and plenty of serving trays, but it’s your event so we leave that up to you.   

Is it possible to do an artist talk?
Yes. This is your exhibit and can be arranged any way you want. If you’d like to do a talk, or present other bodies of work we have a digital projection and sound as well as a PA system with enough seating to accomodate 100 people.

How can I schedule my “Pop-Up” exhibit?
You can learn more about our “Pop-Up” exhibits by emailing us at the Mpls Photo Center. We can show you the space, answer any questions you might have and discuss any details. Let's do this!!

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