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Monthly Critique group

The Ongoing Moment.

After winding down the legendary F-Stop group after 15 years, 
MPC will now be presenting a new "feature artist" and critique group:

The Ongoing Moment hosted by respected Mpls-based
photographers (and F-Stop stalwarts) Richard Ott
and Walter Horishnyk. 

NEXT MEETING: Wednesday June 21, 6:30 PM.
FOCUS On:  (the legendary)Chris Faust

The Ongoing Moment will review both
photographic prints AND Hi-Res digital images. (JPEGS)

Wednesday Meetings are from 6:30-9:00PM
Social at 6:30 and photographs at 7:00 sharp! 

SEE   website for more details,
upcoming events, reference materials, and follow-ups 
to past meetings!

NOTE:  We believe strongly that showing printed photographs is more
effective and powerful for both the photographer AND the audience.
(Prints remain together on the wall as a  cohesive collection of work
and can be easily referenced and referred too throughout the critique.)
Digital/projected images exist one at a time, and disappear, which does
not help with continuity and comparison.

With this in mind, MPC if offering to produce small review-quality
prints gratis, for presentors at The Ongoing Moment.  When you sign-up
to be a presenter, please notify us if you will need prints.  Please submit
images at 240 to 300 dpi with a 1/4 in border all around so we see the edges.
Submitted images need to be edited and printer ready. Best to create a
new image at 5x7, knowing to keep away from the trim edges by .25 inch.

No borderless printing allowed. Tell us if you are using Mac or Windows PC.
Email images and/or questions to at least
24 hours beore the presentation.

As a last resort, please hand-deliver a thumbdrive/data stick to Walter Horishnyk
at MPC by 5:30 pm on the evening of The Ongoing Moment. He will make up
to ten (10) 5"X7" review prints for you from your files, with minimal edits."

(presentors should arrive by 6:00 PM latest to hang prints
or load digital files into our Macs)


The Ongoing Moment is intended to be a monthly meeting for photographers who wish to increase their understanding and improve their practice of the medium. The title refers to the idea that "we share experiences that are formally similar; a flag bearer for instance. As photographers we may render that in many ways, yet we refer to our prior emotions and our experiences of seeing previous flag bearer photographs, when making
OUR new image.

The idea is to look at images to understand how experiences and scenes were rendered in the past,
and how they might be going forward. 

The Ongoing Moment is a forum to discuss those experiences while at the same time striving to improve our image making. It is intended for all levels and for all interests from landscape to abstract, reportage to street photography.  

How to join The Ongoing Moment:
Anyone can join the group. If you choose to attend one of the meetings, the cost is $10 per meeting, and goes toward special guest speakers, physical space to facilitate the meeting, snacks and beverages The Ongoing Moment is FREE for MPC members, along with other evening events. You may sign up to exhibit by emailing:

All sessions Wednesday evenings
Scheduled presentors:

March 22

1. Don Keysser
2. Josh Magnuson
3. Steve OZone

April 19

1. Robert Boucher
2. John Pocklington
3. Paul Stapp

May 17

1. Robert Boucher
2. David Thompson
3. John Campbell

June 21

1. Styeve Ozone
2. John Schott

At each monthly meeting, 3-4 photographers will share their work.  We encourage photographic prints (minimum 5X7), OR hi-resolution JPEGs, displayed on 4K 55" monitors provided by MPC.

 Critiques last approximately 20 minutes each. The presentation begins as the presenter introduces themselves and shares some information and insight about their display photographs. We ask that you keep it brief so there is ample opportunity for conversation. Richard and Walter will lead critique of the work and provide their observations and suggestions.  All photographers are asked to respect each other in the critique process by offering ideas that help better realize the photographer's intent. Not all attendees are at the same level of accomplishment, but everyone can benefit from thoughtful comments. 

Along with critique, there may be guest speakers or videos as part of the meeting. The heart and soul of The Ongoing Moment gathering is community. For more information on the group or to join, please email:


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