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Monthly Critique group

The Ongoing Moment.

The Ongoing Moment hosted by Mpls-based

photographers Richard Ott and Walter Horishnyk. 

The Ongoing Moment will review both
photographic prints AND Hi-Res digital images. (JPEGS)
Will Agar 12/13/2023

Wednesday Meetings are from 6:30-9:00PM
Social at 6:30 and photographs at 7:00 sharp! 

SEE   website for more details,
upcoming events, reference materials, and follow-ups 
to past meetings!

NOTE:  We believe strongly that showing printed photographs is more
effective and powerful for both the photographer AND the audience.
(Prints remain together on the wall as a  cohesive collection of work
and can be easily referenced and referred too throughout the critique.)
Digital/projected images exist one at a time, and disappear, which does
not help with continuity and comparison.




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