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Call For Entries


Call for Entry Deadline
Tuesday July 5, 11 PM

3 photographs for $10. This is a Celebration, not a Competition.
At least 1 picture by each photographer will be printed and exhibited at MPC. 
Please include your Kid's first name and age (in the photo) in the DATAFILE.

Best of Show Award:  $300


Everybody has a photograph exhibited.

KIDS. We were all a kid once. And we are all SOMEBODY's kid. Child. Offspring. Progeny. Hope for the future! And its doubtful we "sprung from loins".   Its alot more work than that!  Especially the first 18 years.  KIDS.  They're precious, and profound, no matter their outcome. They become adults, but are still somebody's kid. I sat on the couch the other day as my 82 year old Mom taught me to play WORDLE at age 62. Was I still her kid? You bet! I felt like a 6 year old again, and that was really nice. 

Our modern kids have faced alot lately. A pandemic. Disruption of a normal school setting. The downside of social media. And yes, apparent danger in their formally safe places. Is it tougher to be a kid these days? I don't see many walking barefoot to school anymore. They're mostly not plowing fields behind mules, or digging coal mines.  But modern challenges abound.

Show us your kid. Playing, learning, loving, doing sports, exploring, or just being a kid.
Looking for all ages: newborns to retirees. If its YOUR kid, its a kid.

This Call for Entry is not a competition, but rather a celebration of our precious kids. There will be no losers. The Mpls Photo Center will select, print, and exhibit at least 1 photograph from every photographer who enters.

Let's celebrate and revel in our children.


(This Call for Entry will be the first exhibit on display at the Mpls Photo Center's new facility on the 1st Floor of the Van Buren building in NE Minneapolis (featuring a new studio and darkroom post-Covid), in the heart of the NE Minneapolis Arts District next to the Northrup King studio complex. Come celebrate with us Friday July 15 and enjoy your photograph!)







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